Why Implementing Testing Tools for Fitbit App is Essential

fitbit app

Testers don’t like to break things; they like to dispel the illusion that things work.— Kaner Bach

Get active, eat better and manage your sleep with proficient quality Fitbit app. It’s a perfect app for your day to day diet management. Smartphone user’s all across the globe use this app on their smartphone to improve their eating habits and overall sleep time. Thousands of smartphone users have installed this app on their devices so as to easily track the progress of their fitness/ exercise.  To ensure the user’s reliability towards this app the developers of this app have to make sure that quality is perfectly maintained through comprehensive test measures. They must have to hire a QA team from a software testing company to conduct comprehensive functional test analysis.  Fitbit app delivers the following benefits to all of its users.

  • Users can track runs and walks through GPS
  • Can log their activities and workouts to keep yourself perfectly fit
  • Find out the exact amount of calories required for your body
  • Track your heart rate with Fitbit – All day long
  • Make yourself completely fit through Fitbit health diet plan

Functional Testing Procedure for Fitbit App

Functional testing for mobile apps plays a decisive role in strengthening the overall quality of app on all available platforms and devices. Functional testing is a kind of black box testing to evaluate the quality of a particular product with reference to its functional requirement.  The functional testing process involves the activities that measure the code of each component. Fitbit app will only perform well when it will be consistently tested out on the basis of its functional requirement. The process of functional testing is as follows.

  • Initiation of the statement of work through requirement gathering
  • Estimation of test requirement and planning
  • Risk assessment and traceability matrix
  • Software /hardware configuration and implementation of test cases
  • Capturing of results and sharing of insights
  • Summary reporting and recommendation of test reports
  • Project closure and client acceptance

Ending Note

Mobile app testing is mandatory for Fitbit app to ensure its quality on all available devices and platforms. As the competition between the same niche of apps is becoming more and more intense so hiring software testing services firms can help the developer of apps to ensure product sustainability for longer time duration.